A Health Makeover for Your Family

If your family life is as busy and hectic as mine, it’s easy to let a few things slide. And when that happens, our families may start to develop some not-so-healthy habits.

Maybe we’re indulging in too many processed convenience foods, maybe we’re letting the kids’ bedtimes get pushed back later and later, or maybe we’re all just watching too much TV.

The good news is this: If we can manage to make small changes in our daily routines, we’ll be able to make big changes in our family’s overall health and well- being over time.

You’ve already made the decision to leave the dirty work to MaidPro,  so why not consider these other small changes in your families lives:

1. How many sodas does your family drink in an average week? See if you can replace one or two of these sodas with sparkling water. Gradually, your kids may develop a taste for it, and you’ll save those empty sugar calories.

2. How much water does everyone drink? Encourage each member of your family to drink more water by making it more palatable and accessible. Keep a carafe of filtered water in the refrigerator, for example, along with slices of fresh lemon.

3. How many fruits and veggies does everyone consume? When your family typically gets the munchies (for us, it’s usually about an hour before dinner), put out a plate of raw fresh veggies for snacking.

4. Make a point to have mealtimes together (without the TV on in the background). Ask everyone to make an effort to not rush though breakfast and dinner, but to slow down and to focus on the taste of the food and the joy of being together to discuss the day’s events.

5. Find a board game that everyone likes to do together and replace at least one hour of TV per week with a game. Scrabble, Pictionary and Cranium are particularly good family games that will get you thinking and laughing.

6. Consider starting a new sport or joining a recreation center as a family. This will give you some fun together time and get you motivated to get moving at the same time.

Remember, baby steps are important. If you continue to take small, incremental steps to improve the health and well being of your family, you’ll start seeing big changes in no time.

As a parent, you can do a lot to help your kids form good lifestyle habits that will last their whole lives through.

Feel free to post any additional thoughts.

About Leah Roycroft

Sales and Marketing Director for MaidPro NJ-NY-PA-DE

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