Prep Your Home NOW For Resale

Spring and summer are the busiest real estate times of the year. Decided it’s finally time to put your place up for sale or looking for ways to protect your investment should you ever choose to? Follow these steps to help ensure a speedy sale:

  • Declutter the house. Remove personal items to make the house as neutral as possible. You’re trying to appeal to a broad audience and while someone who looks at the house MAY appreciate your ceramic pet collection, most people won’t.
  • No stone unturned. Remember that people buying your home will not be SHY about opening closets, drawers, fridge, oven, etc. Make sure these areas are neat and tidy. Even a dirty stove or toilet can be extremely off-putting.
  • Remove pet hair or smells. Clean the litter/cages as often as possible and make sure that you stay on top of fur on your furniture and carpets. Nothing is worse than walking into a home and smelling dirty litter. It’ll be one of the things potential buyers remember about your house most, regardless of its cleanliness.
  • Be ready at any moment. The house can look lived in, but realtors can come in at any time, so don’t rely on a heads-up before conducting your cleaning.
  • No nicotine indoors – no exceptions. Nicotine and smoke can build up on the walls, furniture and floors, making it very hard to maintain and harder for you to sell in the future without costly renovations (new paint and carpets).
  • Real-time maintenance. Take care of maintenance issues as they happen, not when something HAS to be fixed; a leak, for example, can cause more damage than just a puddle on the floor, and can lead to mold issues, and even weaken supports. The longer you put off fixing something, the more it can cost you in the long run.

About Leah Roycroft

Sales and Marketing Director for MaidPro NJ-NY-PA-DE

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