Gifts For Every Mom

Don’t know what to get mom this Mother’s Day? We have gift ideas for every type of mom.

New Mom. Initials of her new baby on anything — be it a locket, bracelet, or other items that can be monogrammed. A new mom is often exhausted, so gifting a spa day or a gift certificate for a cleaning service can provide her with some direly needed R&R.

Soccer Mom. This mom is in the car constantly going to all the kids sporting events, school plays, concerts, and science fairs. Her kids are like celebrities, being chauffeured around town, cheered on and photographed. A new hi-res camera or framed photos of her children’s latest achievements would be perfect.

Working Mom. She is employed full-time on top of her full-time job as mom. Her nights and weekends are spent with her children and outsourcing any of her tasks to keep up the home would make a HUGE impact on her life. A wireless photo frame with a dedicated email address would allow nannies, teachers, a spouse or kids to send photos anytime, from anywhere right to her desk so she doesn’t have to miss a moment.

Charitable Mom. Does she have a specific cause that she supports? A donation in her name or gifting a product in which a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to that cause would make her day.

Cooking Mom. Take inventory of her kitchen and see what gadgets she might need (nothing that takes up more counter space – PLEASE!). Does she already have everything she needs? Purchase some online cooking classes – they’re relatively inexpensive and uber convenient.

Empty Nest Mom. She now has the freedom to do things she once didn’t, so take note of what she enjoys and buy her gear to help with these activities or enroll her for classes to learn something new (i.e. skis, a new bike, cooking classes, etc.) Is she really missing the kids being home? Send her a webcam so she can Skype with them from afar.

About Leah Roycroft

Sales and Marketing Director for MaidPro NJ-NY-PA-DE

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