How to Remove Stickers, Tape and Glue Off Glass

Removing Stickers

Many common household items will help you remove stickers and adhesive-backed price tags from a variety of surfaces. You can also purchase products made especially for this purpose. Here are a few easy steps to help you remove stickers.

1. Remove stickers from glass, plastic or metal with alcohol-based products such as nail polish remover or 91-percent rubbing alcohol. Oil-based products such as cooking oil, mineral oil and baby oil can also be used. Apply the liquid to a clean cloth and saturate the sticker; allow it to sit for a minute or so and peel the sticker from the surface.

2. Remove stickers from cardboard and other paper products with an alcohol-based product or with a commercial solvent. Apply the liquid to the sticker with a cotton swab until the sticker is saturated. Avoid getting too much liquid on the surrounding surface. Peel the sticker away.

3. Remove stickers from wood with furniture polish or any of the products listed in step 1. Again, saturate the sticker with the liquid and allow it to sit for 1 to 2 minutes. Peel the sticker away.

4. Saturate stickers that are on hard plastic surfaces (plastic tubs or food storage containers) with cooking oil. Allow the sticker to soften, then immerse it in water. Wipe the sticker away.

5. Repeat the sticker-removal process if any gummy residue remains after the first treatment. Scrape residue with a paint scraper or razor blade.


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