Secret cleaning tips from a brown bottle

Listed below are 10 things that hydrogen peroxide can be used for in the home.

1. Whiten whites – better than bleach because it won’t leave behind that toxic smell, a cup of hydrogen peroxide added to a load of laundry is just as effective at brightening up your whites. It’s also great for removing blood stains if you catch them right away – just be careful as it can fade colors, too.
2. Clean a cutting board – to sanitize a cutting board, after washing and rinsing, pour peroxide on it to kill off bacteria, including that yucky salmonella.
3. Disinfect counters and table tops – dampen a clean rag with a little peroxide and use to wipe down counter tops and tables.
4. Sanitize the bathroom – fill a spray bottle with diluted peroxide (about a 50/50 mixture) and use for spraying down the sink and toilet areas. It helps eliminate odors as well as germs. Tip: be sure to store any unused mixture in a dark bottle – light breaks down peroxide and makes it ineffective (which is why it’s always sold in a brown bottle).
5. Make mirrors sparkle – peroxide is great for getting mirrors bright and clean with no streaking.
6. Toothbrush care – you use your toothbrush to keep your chompers clean but how clean is that toothbrush? Pour a little of our magical peroxide over it daily to keep it fresh and unpolluted.
7. Safe veggies – add a quarter to a half cup of peroxide to a sink full of water and wash fresh fruits and veggies to eliminate germs and neutralize pesticides.
8. Lush plants – add an ounce of peroxide to a cup of water and spray houseplants daily. It helps prevent fungus growth and makes plants grow greener and fuller.
9. Skunk out – if you or a pet get into a skirmish with a skunk, a little hydrogen peroxide mixed with a bit of hand soap and baking soda can help knock the odor out.
10. Renew yellowed plastic containers – ever get stains on plastic storage containers or cooking utensils that no amount of scrubbing will conquer? Soak the item in peroxide for a day and it should look like new again!

The bonus about using hydrogen peroxide is that it’s also green. Hydrogen peroxide is produced in nature (it’s really just water with an extra oxygen molecule) so it’s not harmful to your family or the environment!

Any other Tips! Please Post.

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