Top 5 Home Investments and How To Preserve

There are plenty of investments that will increase the value of your home. But, unless you are actively preparing your home for market, it’s important — when figuring return on investment — to consider the longer-term maintenance implications associated with your choices. Learn the key cleaning considerations for five popular home-improvement investments;

Kitchen and bath remodel. Kitchen and bath remodels typically add the greatest value to homes, but often bring increased (or at least different) maintenance requirements in order to preserve investment value. Click here for more.

Carpet to hard wood. No matter how much regular vacuuming, steam cleaning and shampooing you do, carpets will always be sanctuaries for dust, dander, and odors. Click here for more.

Paint. Outside or in, nothing improves a home’s appearance — and value — faster than a fresh coat of tastefully colored paint. But when it comes to routine cleaning and longer-term maintenance, paint finishes are definitely not created equal. Click here for more.

Windows. Whether replacing old windows, adding entirely new ones, or going from smaller panes to large, the intention, aside from energy efficiency, is to let in more light and improve views. These latter benefits only materialize, however, when windows are cleaned properly, inside and out, at least twice per year, preferably following the big spring and fall pollen seasons. Click here for more.

Make more space. Home value is clearly tied to square footage. Click here for more.

About Leah Roycroft

Sales and Marketing Director for MaidPro NJ-NY-PA-DE

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