Countdown To Thanksgiving Day!

  We’re not going to pretend that pulling off Thanksgiving dinner is a cinch. But you can make your life easier by planning ahead, breaking big tasks into smaller parts, and by keeping a checklist of what you have left to do. Use this T-Day Timeline to get a sense of what to do and […]

Stain Removal Tips

Step 1: Determine type of stain. Most will fall into one of the following three categories: Greasy: common examples include butter, olive- and other cooking oils and fats. Nongreasy: common examples include fruit juices, wine, soda/pop, dye and mud. Combination: common examples include mayonnaise, tomato sauce, salad dressing, soups and chocolate syrup. Step 2: Determine constraints of fabric you are attempting to […]

Green Cleaning Myths Debunked

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established little by way of guidelines for what constitutes green cleaning solutions or practices. So – into the void – has flown a steady stream of misinformation and bogus so-called ‘green’ cleaning solutions. Here are four common green-cleaning myths and explanations for why they don’t hold water: Myth No. […]

To clean a room, use The Spiral

In Parts 2 and 3 of our series, we looked at why professional cleaners favor specific solutions and tools. In Parts 4 and 5, we look at how and why the pros clean rooms and homes in a certain order. Nonprofessional cleaners will often work un-systematically, jumping around from one dirty-looking item to the next. […]

Pros’ Preferred Cleaning Tools

In Part 2 of our series, we looked at our pros’ favorite cleaning solutions; in Part 3 we look at the specific tools our cleaning Pros prefer for generating top-quality, long – lasting cleans. If you don’t clean homes for a living, you might think there is little difference from one sponge or cleaning rag […]

Cleanse Your Home and Adopt Cleaner Habits

Keeping your home tidy is one thing, maintaining it to a consistently high level of clean is something else altogether. Start the New Year off right with this five-part plan: Wrap your brain around the WHY of clean. Plain and simple: clean looks, smells and feels good. It’s healthy. And it’s also a sound long-term […]

Cleaning For Baby

If you are expecting a baby within the next few months, you are probably focused on getting all of your gear and decorating the nursery. Something else you need – but probably aren’t thinking much about – is a good cleaning plan. The presence of a newborn in your home means two things: more cleaning […]