5 Ways to Invite Fall into Your Home

Decorating your home for fall can be both fun and inexpensive. Free materials are abundant and collecting them is a great way to spend quality time out of doors with kids, pets, family, and friends. There are countless DIY fall craft projects plus arrangement and presentation ideas just a Pinterest searchaway. Colorful, fallen leaves can […]

Fall Chores to Ensure a Bright, Healthy, and Safe Home for Winter

There are certain big household chores that need to be done only once a year, and fall is the perfect time. Here is a quick checklist of things you can do to ensure a bright, safe, and healthy home now that temperatures are beginning to drop and winter lies just around the corner. Wash your […]

Cleaning For Baby

If you are expecting a baby within the next few months, you are probably focused on getting all of your gear and decorating the nursery. Something else you need – but probably aren’t thinking much about – is a good cleaning plan. The presence of a newborn in your home means two things: more cleaning […]

14 seldom-cleaned areas that need your attention this fall!

Chances are you stick to a set list of weekly cleaning chores in your home. Here is a checklist for 14 not-so-routine cleaning tasks that should get your attention anywhere from 2-4 times a year with fall being one of them. Undersides of counter overhangs, tables, chairs and other surfaces. People tend to grip the […]

Set your home maintenance to run on autopilot, Part 2

A Working Mom’s Cleaning Schedule In Part 1 of this series, we offered recommended cleaning tasks and frequencies to ensure your home looks good, maintains its value over the long term and promotes a healthful and safe living environment for your family. However, the checklist comprises some 40 tasks, many of which break down into […]

Fall is the New Spring

How to clean your house and prepare for winter months. The winter months bring shorter days, cooler temperatures – more time indoors – and a rapid succession of holidays which often translates into house guests, visitors and entertaining. Here is a fall cleaning, organizing and home-maintenance checklist to help you prepare: • First, complete any […]