Home Cleaning Resolutions for 2015

Do you ever wonder why some people’s homes seem constantly – and effortlessly – spotless? It doesn’t necessarily mean they clean all the time. More likely, it means they hold to a set of attitudes and simple behaviors that, with a little resolve, you too can acquire. Here are 12 easy New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions […]

Pros’ Favorite Cleaning Solutions and Why

Part 2 of MaidPro’s ‘Clean Like a Pro’ series looks at choosing the best solutions and tools and matching them to the right tasks Any manufacturer can make strong cleaning chemicals usually at the expense of their workers, the people who use the chemicals and the environment. A disturbing proportion of the professional cleaning chemical […]

How Pros clean faster AND better

n Part 1 of MaidPro’s ‘Clean Like a Pro’ series, we explain why professional cleaners typically get better results in less time Depending on service frequency, MaidPro’s professional service providers spend anywhere from 35-45* minutes each cleaning typical kitchens and master bathrooms. Full baths: 20-30* minutes. Remaining rooms: anywhere from 10-25* minutes each. Non-pros cleaning […]

Cleanse Your Home and Adopt Cleaner Habits

Keeping your home tidy is one thing, maintaining it to a consistently high level of clean is something else altogether. Start the New Year off right with this five-part plan: Wrap your brain around the WHY of clean. Plain and simple: clean looks, smells and feels good. It’s healthy. And it’s also a sound long-term […]

Cleaning For Baby

If you are expecting a baby within the next few months, you are probably focused on getting all of your gear and decorating the nursery. Something else you need – but probably aren’t thinking much about – is a good cleaning plan. The presence of a newborn in your home means two things: more cleaning […]

14 seldom-cleaned areas that need your attention this fall!

Chances are you stick to a set list of weekly cleaning chores in your home. Here is a checklist for 14 not-so-routine cleaning tasks that should get your attention anywhere from 2-4 times a year with fall being one of them. Undersides of counter overhangs, tables, chairs and other surfaces. People tend to grip the […]

Homemade healthy cleaners and snacks

By Donna Freedman Frugal bloggers often write about making certain household essentials themselves, to cut grocery costs. The decision may be about health and/or the environment as well as dollars. For example, vinegar is a healthful alternative to commercial cleaning sprays, especially if someone in your house is chemically sensitive. Homemade yogurt is much cheaper than […]

‘Green’ Cleaning Myths Debunked

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established little by way of guidelines for what constitutes green cleaning solutions or practices. So – into the void – has flown a steady stream of misinformation and bogus so-called ‘green’ cleaning solutions. Here are four common green-cleaning myths and explanations for why they don’t hold water: Myth No. […]

National Spring Cleaning Week

National Spring Cleaning Week, observed annually the last week of March, serves as a great reminder for you to organize, clean and prep your home for the changing of the seasons. Although MaidPro’s service follows a comprehensive 49-Point Checklist™ it is still important to ensure you tackle larger projects on an annual basis. To help guide […]