Invisible Things to Clean Before Houseguests Arrive


Holiday season = houseguest season. Here’s a zone-by-zone checklist of all the invisible things you’ll want to clean so you can feel perfectly comfortable telling your guests to: “Make yourself at home!”


There’s one level of clean that’s good enough for your family. But, with guests coming, you need to go deeper than usual: attacking soap-scum buildup, neglected toilet tanks, partially clogged drains, and any signs of mold or mildew growth—all of which contribute to odors your guests are much more likely to notice than you are.


Deep clean, defrost, and organize your fridge, making extra space for all the leftovers your entertaining will yield. Assuming at least one or two guests will offer to help with the washing up after meals, make sure your dishwasher is sparkling and that the insides of drawers and cupboards are spacious, well organized, and free of crumbs and other debris. Inspect ovens for burnt-on bits that could set off your smoke alarm at the worst possible times. And wow your overnight guests with great morning brews by deep cleaning and decalcifying your coffee maker.


Offering clean sheets to houseguests is a no-brainer, but, consider also cleaning heavy linens and even rugs, which may be harboring odors you don’t notice simply because you’re so used to them. Another nice touch is to declutter and clear closet and drawer space for guests to stow their possessions, thereby avoiding that unanticipated yard-sale effect that can wreck your perfect holiday décor.


If you’ve got guests staying for more than a day or two, you’ll want to offer access to your laundry facilities. Sanitize your washer—newer machines have built-in cycles for this or just run an empty load with bleach followed by another water-only load to rinse thoroughly—and clean lint vents to ensure your dryer operates at max efficiency.


Inviting people into your home creates many opportunities for germ transfer. Before and after entertaining guests, do everyone a favor and sanitize or disinfect all the things people touch frequently, including doorknobs, appliance handles, drawer and cabinet hardware, light switches and plates, TV clickers, and all kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

If you don’t think you’ll have time for all that cleaning, MaidPro’s got you covered! Our standard 49-Point Checklist tackles nearly everything above except for the decluttering, drain- and appliance deep-cleaning.

Countdown To Thanksgiving Day!



We’re not going to pretend that pulling off Thanksgiving dinner is a cinch. But you can make your life easier by planning ahead, breaking big tasks into smaller parts, and by keeping a checklist of what you have left to do.

Use this T-Day Timeline to get a sense of what to do and when. You’ll be so organized that you may actually spend quality time with your family on Thanksgiving!


* Prepare the menu.

* Look up recipes and create your shopping list, including what cooking supplies and utensils that you will need.

* Raid cabinets for things that you may already have.

* Write a cooking timeline that shows which dishes or components of dishes can be cooked in advance.

* Determine what, if anything, guests are bringing.


* Clean out the refrigerator and freezer.

* Go shopping for everything except fresh produce, seafood and bread.


* Thaw your turkey in the refrigerator.


* Clean your home (or call MaidPro!)

* Brine your turkey.

* Wash table linens, dishes, silverware, etc.

* Confirm the final guest count.


* Shop for fresh produce, seafood and bread.

* Set the table, including bringing in extra chairs and table leaves.

* Prepare anything that can be done in advance, such as pre-chopping vegetables or making pie crusts.


* Season, stuff and cook your bird.

* Make your side dishes.

* Reheat pre-cooked food right before the meal.

* Most importantly: eat, drink and enjoy!


Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at MaidPro!


Hosting Thanksgiving

Simply Stated Blog on – November 18, 2011

If you’re having the family over for Thanksgiving, it’s safe to say your to-do list is already overflowing with tasks like planning the menu, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. If you’re anything like me, cleaning up after dinner is something I’d rather not think about until well…after dinner. But putting some time and effort into keeping things tidy before the feast can really pay off. Melissa Homer, Chief Cleaning Officer at MaidPro, shares these simple tips:

One week before.
 Do a deep clean of your home one week before the holiday, so all you need to do is touch-ups in the days leading to the big event. Take the cleaning process step-by-step! For instance, clean the first floor one day, and the second floor on the following day, to keep from getting overwhelmed.

A few days before. Pre-bake as many of your side dishes and desserts in the days leading up to the holiday as possible and store them in your refrigerator. Many dishes can be cooked, refrigerated, and given a final warm up just before the big meal with no loss of quality. Not only will you be less stressed on the big day, but all of the dirty dishes and flour-covered counters will also be behind you so you can finally enjoy the holiday as much as your guests.

On Thanksgiving. The biggest mistake people make is leaving holiday meal cleaning to the end. If you wait too long, food gets stuck on dishes and counters get cluttered and soiled, actually making more cleaning work for you than if you cleaned throughout the day. Place pans that need to soak on top of your stove instead of in your sink. If your turkey pan is stovetop safe, you can actually simmer water in the roasting pan on the stovetop to loosen baked on drippings and ease cleaning.