Invisible Things to Clean Before Houseguests Arrive

Holiday season = houseguest season. Here’s a zone-by-zone checklist of all the invisible things you’ll want to clean so you can feel perfectly comfortable telling your guests to: “Make yourself at home!” BATHROOMS There’s one level of clean that’s good enough for your family. But, with guests coming, you need to go deeper than usual: […]

Countdown To Thanksgiving Day!

  We’re not going to pretend that pulling off Thanksgiving dinner is a cinch. But you can make your life easier by planning ahead, breaking big tasks into smaller parts, and by keeping a checklist of what you have left to do. Use this T-Day Timeline to get a sense of what to do and […]

Hosting Thanksgiving

Simply Stated Blog on – November 18, 2011 If you’re having the family over for Thanksgiving, it’s safe to say your to-do list is already overflowing with tasks like planning the menu, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. If you’re anything like me, cleaning up after dinner is something I’d rather not think about […]